Most of us wear jewelry every single day, but how many of us make an effort to take good care of our rings, bracelets, necklaces and earrings?  It only takes a minute, and doing so will ensure that your jewelry will last longer and will look good every time you put it on.


Here are some tips to help you keep your jewelry looking good for a lifetime of use:


  • Wear your pearls often. Natural body oils will keep pearls looking their best.
  • Don’t put your pearls on immediately after applying lotion or perfume, as many of their ingredients can eat away at pearls.
  • Don’t wash pearls in hot water. Use warm soapy water, or cleaning and polishing materials designed just for pearls.
  • Store your pearls in soft fabric bags to let them breathe. While zip-top plastic bags are good for most jewelry storage, condensation build up in a plastic bag can damage pearls.


  • Don’t wear your diamonds while cleaning, as many common household chemicals can damage the mounting on your diamond jewelry. You should also remove your diamonds before getting into a chlorinated pool or hot tub.
  • Use a soft-bristled non-metallic brush and a mild ammonia and water solution for cleaning. Gently scrub away any grime, especially around the prongs or setting where buildup is likely.
  • Store diamonds carefully in separate boxes or fabric bags. Diamonds are the hardest substance known to man, but they can scratch and crack each other, so wrap carefully and store separately.

Sterling Silver and Copper

  • Wear your sterling silver and copper jewelry pieces often. Regular skin contact rubs off tarnish as it’s created, and prevents buildup.
  • Don’t scrub silver jewelry, even to remove tarnish. Silver is a soft metal, and when tarnish is removed, a thin layer of silver itself comes with it.  Use a gentle, circular motion to polish silver.
  • Wear soft cotton gloves when handling silver or copper jewelry, as rubber or latex gloves can contain tarnish-causing sulfur. Latex-free vinyl gloves are good for protecting your hands from tarnish removers or polishing compound, and are safe for handling most jewelry pieces.
  • Don’t store silver or copper jewelry without first removing skin oils and perspiration from them. Wipe each piece gently with a polishing cloth before individually storing.
  • Store your sterling silver and copper jewelry in a cool dry place, where it is not exposed to light or air, preferably in a tarnish-preventive bag or wrapped in a soft piece of felt or cloth. It may be convenient, but DON’T store silver and copper in the bathroom, because moisture causes tarnish and corrosion.

Yellow Green Set (7)

Beaded Jewelry from Team Colors By Carrie

Pieces you buy from my Etsy shop at TeamColorsByCarrie are easy to take care of and maintain.

Just wipe with a soft cloth to remove finger prints and skin oils, then store in a cloth bag or in the gift box it came in.

Warm soap and water can safely be used as needed.

See how it easy it is to take good care of your jewelry and keeping it looking good?

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