I thought I’d take a break from business related posts, and share something important that took place in my family this week.  My youngest son had a major milestone to celebrate, and I didn’t hesitate to take a break from Team Colors By Carrie to visit Fort Knox, Kentucky, and be there for the big day.

Brian is a college Senior, and has been in both an Army Reserve unit and the Army ROTC program throughout his college career. For those that don’t know, the Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (ROTC), provides leadership training through elective college courses, leading up to an officer commission in the Army after graduation.  You can learn more at ROTC if you are interested.

Brian was at Fort Knox for most of the summer, first as Cadre (a trainer) for newer ROTC students going through their Cadet Initial Entry Training, and then participating in his own advanced training known as the Cadet Leadership Course (CLC).  Successful completion of this course was an important step toward his commissioning as a Second Lieutenant when he graduates in December 2015.

The CLC course covers a lot in 31 days of intensive training, including Land Navigation skills; Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear environments; Basic Rifle Marksmanship and Live Fire; Cultural Awareness; First Aid; Tactical Leader Development; and Mission Command.  Sound interesting?  You can see more details at CLC Training Info.

All CLC training takes place at Fort Knox, and Brian was in the 8th of 10 regiments that will go through the training this summer. There were 628 cadets who took part in the 8th Regiment graduation ceremony on Brooks Field, so you can get a feel for just how many cadets go through Fort Knox every summer!


If you’ve never seen any kind of Army ceremony, or are just curious, here’s a link to the entire graduation ceremony.  Be warned that it’s 45 minutes long, but there are some pretty moving parts, including the Cadet Cannonade and a speech by the reviewing officer and current commander at Fort Knox, Major General Peggy Combs.  CLC Graduation – Regiment 8

After the ceremony, Brian was ready to get into civilian clothes for the trip home, and stopped for a picture with me:


He also had time to photo bomb his friend Cody, who was taking a selfie with the General!

Cody, Brian and Major General Combs

Now, about those gold bars!  Most people think that there is gold stored on the army base at Fort Knox, but that is not true!  The US Mint Bullion Depository is located in the Fort Knox community, just not on the army base.  So how does Fort Knox make gold bars?  Every cadet who becomes an officer through ROTC takes their CLC training at Fort Knox, and when they commission, they will wear gold bars, the insignia of Second Lieutenants in the US Army!  So Fort Know does make thousands of gold bars every year, just not the kind most people think of!

We are so proud of Brian, and are looking forward to both his college graduation and Army commissioning in December.  He has a bright future an U.S. Army officer!