I am a Pinterest junkie!

If the first step is admitting you have a problem, there’s nothing like doing so in a public confession.  Although that would suggest that I want to cure this addiction I call “pin-crazy”, but that is really not the case, because I really love Pinterest.

If you don’t know what all the fuss is about,  Pinterest is a visual bookmarking tool that helps you discover and save creative ideas from all over the web (like an electronic corkboard).  You create boards to put your pins in categories, and add descriptions to remind you why you bookmarked them in the first place (“Read this before I attempt to paint the kitchen cabinets,” or “This would be a fun birthday gift for the nieces and nephews”).  Most pins link back to the original website where they appeared, so you can easily access them later.

 Here’s a few stats that give you an idea about how big Pinterest really is (and how much time it looks like I’ve been spending there):

Pinterest Infographic

I use Pinterest mostly for personal stuff, but have also found a few applications for Team Colors By Carrie:

I pin products from my Etsy shop on my TeamColorsbyCarrie board.  It’s a real thrill when other Pinterest users see those pins, and re-pin them to their own boards!  I’ve also recently discovered that some of my products are being used on a site called Polyvore (a topic for another day), and I’m adding those sets to this board as well.

Team Colors board

I love the beaded jewelry I have in my shop right now, but plan on adding new collections every 3-6 months to keep things fresh and exciting.  So I’m always looking at what’s trending in the jewelry industry.  When I find new ideas that I could apply, I like being able to collect those ideas all in one place, on my board called Jewelry Trends!

Jewelry Trends Board

Some of my most heavily used boards are the ones where I collect recipes that I want to try. There are several boards I pin to almost every day, but Recipes to Try is my favorite. I have found so many appealing recipes that one board wasn’t enough, so I also have boards dedicated just to Crock Pot Recipes, as well as others for appetizers, sweets and drinks!

Recipes Board

Another great use for a Pinterest board is vacation planning.  I have one board for my travel bucket list (Places to Go), but you can also create a board when getting ready for a specific trip.  I created Southern Highlands last fall when getting organized for a 2 week long road trip adventure in the mountains of Georgia, North Carolina and South Carolina.  It was a great way to capture things to see, places to stay, and things we wanted to do!

Southenr Highroads board

I saved the best for last, and those that know me well won’t be surprised to see that I have a board dedicated to all things PackersGo Pack Go is all about player and game day pictures, historical pictures, and anything and everything related to my favorite team.  And it also happens to one of the boards with the most followers, because there are a lot of other crazy Packer fan out there!

Go Pack Go board

I hope my examples gave you some ideas about how you could use Pinterest if you aren’t already doing so.  Sign up, search for a topic or two that interests you, and start pinning.  Follow a few people who are pinning the kinds of things that you like, and you’ll always see their new pins in your home feed every time you log in.  Need help?  Pinterest has a basic users guide to get you started: All About Pinterest.

Come on over to Pinterest, and join me in my addiction!  I’ll see on the boards!