A question that customers often ask is “how do know what size I need?”  It is a great question, because even though the average woman wears a 7.25-7.5” bracelet, sizes can vary widely from 6” to 9” or even 10”!

Most of the beaded bracelets available on TeamColorsByCarrie are either wrap bracelets or strung on elastic, so they adjust to accommodate a wide range of wrist sizes.  But the best thing to do is to measure your wrist, and then add 1” to your wrist measurement to get your bracelet size.  Most women prefer a bracelet that hangs a little loosely, and the extra inch gives you that nice drape.

There are a number of ways to get your wrist measurement:

  1. Use string, ribbon or any other soft material you have available. Wrap it around your wrist, and then either mark or hold the spot it reaches:
    Bracelet sizing pic 2
  2. Measure that length using any ruler (and add 1”):
    Braacelet sizing pic 3Or when you wrap the string around your wrist, let it as hang loose as you like to wear your bracelets, and then use that length as your bracelet size.
  3. Wrap a soft tape measure around your wrist (and then add that 1” to get your bracelet size):
    Bracelet sizing pic 1
  4. Use a bracelet you already own, and that fits comfortably. Measure it’s length using any ruler, and be sure to subtract any overlap in the connector / clasp:Bracelet sizing pic 4

“But Carrie,” you say, “what do I do when you are buying a gift, and I can’t measure that person’s wrist to get their bracelet size?”  Stretch bracelets or wrap bracelets are perfect for those situations, because they offer a little flexibility in sizing.  Here’s a handy chart with average sizing to use as a guide:

Bracelet size chart

Now that wasn’t that hard, was it!