You already know that I am obsessed with all things Green and Gold, and that one of my Christmas trees is decorated in nothing but Green, Gold, and Green Bay Packers ornaments.  Earlier this month I shared two posts showing you how to create some of the ornaments I made for this wonderful tree:  Mirror Ornaments and Twist Tie Ornaments.

Christmas is finally here this week, so I thought I’d give you a look at that tree I’ve been bragging about, and some of the ornaments that make it so special to me.

I’ve been collecting ornaments for this tree for many years, and have added an annual ornament to this set every year since I started it in 2003:


I also have collections of Snowglobes, Snowmen and blown glass ornaments:


But my favorites are the ornaments from the Packer football games that my family has been fortunate enough to attend in person.  We always take a family picture that I have made into an ornament for the tree.  And when we are lucky enough to be in Green Bay, we make a visit to the Pro Shop for a new ornament to commemorate the event.

These ornaments bring back such fond memories when I unwrap them and put them on the tree:


But one of my favorite things on the tree isn’t even an ornament!  Instead, it’s the very special star that sits on top:2013 Star Topper


And after several years of dealing with sections of lights that kept burning out on the pre-lit tree, the big change was to replace those cheap lights with green and gold  lights.  And I have to say that I am thrilled with the results … don’t you agree?

My Green and Gold Obsession – Packer Tree 2015 Edition


Did I mention that this tree stays up until the Packers season is over?  And that we’d be thrilled to still have it up in February for the Super Bowl?  If that doesn’t make the obsession clear, I don’t know what would!

So now I’ve shared my Christmas obsession.  Do you have one too?

And if this post inspired you to start collecting ornaments for your own team colors tree, stop by Team Colors By Carrie starting December 26th, because all remaining Christmas ornaments are going on sale!