Happy New Year!  It’s time to work on keeping those resolutions you just made, and to get used to saying 2016.  It wasn’t that long ago when I marked each New Year by trying to remember it when putting the date on all of the checks I wrote in January.  But who writes checks anymore?  I know I sure don’t very often.

Another thing that marks the calendar rolling over is all of the college bowl games.  And boy, were there ever a lot of them!  There were 40 games already played, with the National Championship coming up next week.  I’ll share my prediction in a minute, but I’m wondering … who are you pulling for?

Blog Title - National Championship Prediction

How do you go about making a prediction for a National Championship? If you’re me, you base it on one of your favorite topics, team colors of course!  To some of you, that probably sounds like picking a race horse based on its name, but don’t knock it until you’ve tried it.  And we’ll know how well it worked in just a few days.

As a follow-up to a post I did last fall about Team Colors of the NCAA Football teams, I did some further color review of all of the teams in this year’s bowl games.

If you remember from that prior post, I looked at the primary and secondary team colors for the 270 schools in the FBS and FCS (that’s the Football Bowl Subdivision and Football Championship Subdivision of the NCAA, what used to be known as Division I-A and Division I-AA, for the uninitiated in college football).

For this analysis, I narrowed it down to just the 128 FBS teams.  Here’s a quick look at the frequency of the primary colors of each of those 128 teams:

Teams in FBS (1)

I compared that to the frequency of the primary colors of the 80 teams that played in a college bowl game this year.  And yes, that’s right.  A whopping 62% of the FBS teams played in a bowl game this year!  Anyway, here’s a look at those 80 teams by team color:

Teams in 2015 B owl Games (1)

And here’s what those primary colors look like for the 40 teams that WON their bowl game:

Teams Winning Bowl Games (1)

What does this tell us?  It’s hard to say without further analysis, but it doesn’t look good for those teams with green as their primary color, and it looks promising for teams with purple or orange as their color.

And a little further analysis showed me this:

Team COlors and Bowl Game Results (1)

Purple looks to be lucky, as only 6 FBS teams wear it as their primary color, but 5 of those teams (83%) were in a bowl game, and 3 of them (50%) won.

Black looks to be unlucky, as only 3 of the 7 teams wear black went to bowl games (43%), and only 1 of those teams won (14%).

So enough of my color analysis (and it was pretty weak, I know).  What about my prediction?

The Crimson Tide isn’t enough to sway me, because Burgundy (where I put the color Crimson) fell out in the middle of the pack.  So I’m going with Clemson, even though everybody seems to have them as 7 point underdogs.  Their primary color is Orange, and Orange came in right behind Purple with the highest winning percentage in the games played so far.  And a girl’s got to stick with what the colors are telling her, right?  Go Tigers!

What’s your call?  Do you think this will be yet another bowl game that is a complete and boring blow out?  Or do we have a good match-up for the championship?

Comment and let me know what you think.

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