It’s been a great weekend of college basketball, and the stage has been set for the Sweet Sixteen that starts Thursday.  I am really excited, because one of those teams is a personal favorite of mine! On Wisconsin!

Did your team make the field of 16 teams that are still in tournament?  If not, pick a team and get ready to cheer them on!

If you’ve been following along on the blog, you’ve seen some of the ideas I’ve shared on how to show some team spirit at work, without going overboard.  I started with the easiest options, like wearing your team colors in the form of a scarf, a lanyard, a pair of socks or jewelry from Team Colors By Carrie.

On March 8th and March 15th I shared wardrobe ideas for wearing your team colors as part of your working wardrobe.   I started with 8 of the most popular color combinations used by the original 68 teams that were in the tournament:

  • Red and White (sometimes called Crimson and Cream) is worn by 3 of the 16 teams still in the running: Wisconsin Badgers, Oklahoma Sooners and Indiana Hoosiers!
  • Navy Blue and Orange is the uniform color choice for 2 of the teams: Syracuse Orange and Virginia Cavaliers.
  • Navy Blue and Gold is used by just one team, the Notre Dame Fighting Irish.

There are NO teams who use the remaining colors combinations that I chose. Maybe next year?


This week, I’m sharing more wardrobe examples, to cover some of the remaining color combinations that are used by teams who made it into the sweet sixteen


If you liked this week’s wardrobe suggestions, and want to see them all in one place, check out my Team Colors At Work Pinterest board.

You’ll also want to follow the blog, if you haven’t already, because I’ll be back next week with the last March Madness installment of Team Colors at Work!

After that, I’m thinking of moving on to professional basketball and hockey teams, followed by soccer and baseball.  What do you think ?

I’d love to hear from you!