March Madness gave us some really great games during the Sweet 16 and Elite 8 rounds this past weekend.   I hope you got to kick back and enjoy!

The game I was most interested in was on Friday night, and sadly, my home state Wisconsin Badgers were knocked out by Notre Dame.  So now I switch to cheering for the underdogs, and I was excited to see that #10 seed Syracuse survived the weekend, because this is only the fourth time a double-digit seed made it to the Final Four!

If you are lucky enough to have a team in the Final Four, I’m betting you want everyone at work to know it.  Many workplaces require business or business casual attire, which means no jerseys or t-shirts for you!  So I’m here to give you some wardrobe suggestions on how to wear your favorite team colors to work in style, and still show up in appropriate business attire.

Let’s start with 3 ideas for wearing the Navy Blue and White team colors of the South Regional Champion Villanova Wildcats.



How about wardrobe suggestions for sporting the Crimson and Cream team colors of the West Regional Champion Oklahoma Sooners?



The only remaining #1 seed is East Region Champion North Carolina, and here are some ideas for wearing TarHeel Blue and White:



And last but not least is the underdog I’ll be rooting for in Navy Blue and Orange, the Midwest Region Champion Syracuse Orange:



How easy is that?

If you liked this week’s wardrobe suggestions, you can find them and many others on my Team Colors At Work Pinterest board.  And note that all of the jewelry included in the pics is from Team Colors By Carrie on Etsy.

If you aren’t already following the blog, be sure to do so, because I’ll be back next week with new Team Colors at Work series for professional soccer, baseball, basketball and hockey teams!

How does that sound?

And good luck to your team this weekend!