Hello fellow sports fans!

What have you been up to?  I had a pretty busy weekend, running an ultra-marathon called the Cruel Jewel 100 in the mountains of North Georgia, so it feels good to be back into my normal routine of running Team Colors By Carrie and writing this post!

I was out of pocket for almost 48 hours, so I missed some of the NHL and NBA playoff action over the weekend.  Did you get to catch any of the last games that determined who got to move on to the Conference finals?

For the blog this week, I decided to take a slightly different approach than I have over the last month or so.  Instead of focusing on showing team spirit and wearing team colors in the workplace, I’ve pulled together some game day fashion looks instead.

Some of us might actually be lucky enough to go to a playoff game, or at least be attending or hosting a game day party at home.  And you want to look good, but be comfortable for game day.  Am I right?

Here is how I approach my own game day style:

  1. Start with a favorite pair of easy fitting jeans (you’ll be sitting way too much for anything skin tight).
  2. Add a team jersey or t-shirt for maximum team spirit (I like mine a little looser rather than fitted, but that might just be me).
  3. Sneakers in matching team colors are both cute and comfortable.
  4. A team ball cap always looks good on game day (and saves you from having to do your hair).
  5. Complete the look with jewelry in your favorite team colors (and you know where to go to get it, right?)


Here are some ideas on what “cute and comfortable” looks like for each of the teams that are still in the NHL and NBA playoff hunt.


In the NHL, we are down to 4 teams playing for their conference championships.

The Pittsburgh Penguins and the Tampa Bay Lightning are playing for the East Conference title, and the right to move on to the Stanley Cup Finals:


The St. Louis Blues and the San Jose Sharks are playing for the West Conference title:



In the NBA, we are also down to 4 teams playing for their conference championships.

The Cleveland Cavaliers and the Toronto Raptors are playing for the East Conference title:



The Golden State Warriors and the Oklahoma City Thunder are playing for the West Conference title:



These game day fashion looks, along with many more, can be seen on my Pinterest board called Team Colors on Game Day, and most of the jewelry is available at Team Colors By Carrie on Etsy.

So how do you dress for game day?

Do you go for cute and comfortable like I do, or for a more dressy or sophisticated look?

I’d love to hear about it!


See you next week.