Hello sports fans!

I don’t know where Spring has run off to, but we celebrate Memorial Day this weekend, and even though it is a serious holiday, it always feels like the official start of summer to me.


Something about the good old summertime always make me think of being Patriotic. Maybe it’s because of Memorial Day and Independence Day, but Red, White and Blue always says summer to me.

Even more so in 2016, because we have the summer Olympics this year!  I always get wrapped up in the games and cheering on Team USA!  How about you?

In honor of all that patriotism, I thought I’d take a quick departure from my fashion looks series for Team Colors at Work and Team Colors on Game Day, and do a little something involving all of that Red, White and Blue!

Being patriotic and wearing your Red, White and Blue style to work doesn’t need to be complicated.

Here is how I approach my patriotic style:

  1. Start with your favorite pair of pants or a skirt in your choice of Red, White or Navy Blue.
  2. Add a simple layering t-shirt or blouse in color two (a different color than the pants or skirt).
  3. Top it off with a relaxed jacket or light sweater in color three (whichever color you haven’t used yet). I don’t know about you, but I always freeze during the summer air conditioning months, so I carry a sweater or jacket everywhere I go!
  4. Add shoes to match (bonus points if they are Red AND Blue).
  5. Complete the look with Red, White and Blue jewelry.


Too easy, right?

Here are a few fashion looks I pulled together using that formula:


Red White and Blue 1Red White and Blue 2Red White and Blue 3



Do you dress in your patriotic best for work?  What do you wear? Drop me a comment, because I’d love to hear about it!

And do me a favor, and share this blog with a friend!

See you next week.




P.S. These patriotic fashion looks, along with many more, can be seen on the Red White and Blue Style Pinterest board, and the jewelry is available at Team Colors By Carrie.