And when I say colorful, of course I mean a holiday that’s filled with Red, White and Blue!

But before I share my quick tips, do you know why the colors of our American flag are red, white and blue, instead of something like yellow, black and green?

American Flag 2

While it is commonly believed that we adopted the colors from the “mother” country’s flag, England’s Union Jack, history shows that the colors were chosen for very specific reasons, even before our first American flag was designed in 1777.

On July 4, 1776, the Continental Congress passed a resolution authorizing a committee to develop a seal for the country that reflected the Founding Fathers’ beliefs and values.  The committee chose red, white and blue for the seal to signify the following:

  • Red for hardiness & valor.
  • White for purity and innocence.
  • Blue for vigilance, perseverance & justice.

That original intent has been reinterpreted over the years.  For example, our US military wears the flag on their uniform, and associates the colors as follows:

  • Red is for the blood that was once shed.
  • White is for innocence and purity.
  • Blue is for bravery.

Whatever inspired the choice of Red, White and Blue, I think we can all agree that those colors together stir patriotism and pride in all of us.


So how can you make your July 4th the most colorful it can be?  Here are 10 easy ideas for food, drinks and decorations for your best Independence Day yet.

Let’s start with food, because you can’t have a party without great food, right?

Kids and adults alike will love these adorable Firecracker Hot Dogs:

Firecracker Hot Dogs

I love Jello, and if you do too, whip up a batch of these cute Firecracker Jello Cups:

Firecracker Jello Cups

For a healthy side dish, these Fruit Kabobs will do the trick.  Because who can pass up food on a stick?

Fruit Kabobs

And you have to include the flag somewhere, so how about this easy M&M Flag Cake for dessert:

M&M Flag Cake

It is July, so chance are its probably going to be hot.  You’ll need to have some cold drinks available.

Adults can indulge with this light and fruity White Strawberry Sangria:

White Strawberry Sangria

And for a non-alcoholic option, serve up this delightful Cranberry Fizz:

Cranberry Fizz


And last but not least, we also need some colorful decorations to brighten up the party.

These Bandana Napkins are not only useful, but do double duty as decorations:

Bandana Napkins

And your picnic table will look extra festive with a set of Red White and Blue Snack Jars.  There aren’t any instructions, but the picture should give you some ideas:

Red White and Blue Snack Jars

And for something a little flashier that you’ll want to hang everywhere, how about a Firecracker Garland?

Firecracker Garland

And these Photo Booth Props are both fun and decorative, and will have everyone saying “cheese”!
Photo Booth Props


Now, time to get started on planning your party!

I hope you all have a fin, festive and safe July 4th.
See you next week,