I don’t know about you, but I use checklists for everything.  From grocery shopping to this week’s “to do” list.  From what I need the next time I go to the warehouse club, to what I need to pack when I go on vacation.  So when I think about football season starting, and all of the great tailgating that goes on, I immediately think of a checklist.

Why would you need a checklist for tailgating?  Well you sure don’t want to get to your tailgate destination and realize you don’t have lighter fluid for the charcoal, or tongs to turn the brats.  Or horror of horrors, you forgot to put ice in the cooler and now your beer is getting warm!  And while I’m sure you can bum a bottle opener from your tailgate neighbors, they may not be so happy to share their cold bottles of water or their ice cold beer!

Football season is here, so happy tailgating!

Tailgate Checklist 2016

If you’d like to print it out, download the pdf here: Tailgate Checklist 2016

Did I miss anything?  What are your “must haves” for the perfect tailgate party?

See you next week.


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