Handmade jewelry has a unique look, and can be even more special and meaningful if you make it yourself.  I’ve been creating beaded bracelets for many years, and know that it really is pretty easy to create a look all your own.

I’m sharing the process I use, and while some of you might find it interesting to see what goes on behind the scenes, I’m hoping you crafty DIY-types will give it a try yourselves!

So here we go …

  • Every good piece of jewelry starts with good materials.  I use Czech glass beads for their consistent high quality and bright, vibrant colors.  Most of my bracelets are specific sports team color combinations, so I match those colors as closely as possible, and choose the bead size based on the type of bracelet I’m making.I have a wide variety of beads colors and sizes in my storage box:



  • I like to lay the beads for my bracelet out on a bead board. The bead board makes it easy to see your design, and the grooves in the board prevent the beads from rolling all over the place and onto the floor!I mark the start and end points with masking tape to make it easy to get the right number of beads for correct sizing.


  • I  cut a piece of elastic that is just a little longer than the finished bracelet.  I use transparent latex-free elastic that does a good job of returning to its original shape when stretched.
    The yellow and green binder clips?  I learned the hard way to clip one end of the elastic, so that the beads don’t slide off while I’m stringing beads at the opposite end.20150814_130513-2


  • When I’m done stringing beads, and satisfied with the way the design looks, I knot the ends of the elastic together. I use a very secure knot called a surgeon’s knot, because I don’t want it to come undone while I’m wearing the bracelet!
    For extra security, I glue the knot with a strong adhesive, then let the glue sit overnight to dry completely and form a permanent bond. Here is a recent collection of colors in the drying stage:waiting-for-the-adhesive-to-set-2
  • The last step is to cut off the excess elastic and hide the knot inside a bead. The bracelet is now ready to go!  Easy peasy, right?

I hope you enjoyed seeing the production process that goes on behind the scenes.  Was it what you expected?

I’d love to hear from anyone who decides to make a beaded stretch bracelet of their own, so please comment below if you give it a go!

If this looks too complicated, or you just don’t have the time to create your own jewelry, stop by TeamColorsbyCarrie for a wide selection of bracelets and earrings in any color combination you need to support the team that has your heart 🙂

Until next week,