Hey sports fans!  Are you loving everything going on in the sports world right now?   Major League Baseball has 4 teams playing for spots in the World Series that starts next week.  NFL and NCAA College football is heating up as we start to see signs of the great teams separating themselves from the rest.  And National League Hockey season is finally underway!  If you can’t find a great game to watch right now, you really aren’t trying very hard!

Today, I’m kicking off a series of team spirit craft projects for the do-it-yourselfer.  It’s no secret that I love to create things, and I really love making things in my favorite team colors.   I thought that sports fans like you would also enjoy creating some fun things to help you celebrate your favorite team.

And don’t let the term “do it yourself” scare you!  I’ve got some really easy crafts that don’t require any special skills or tools.

Today’s project is a tassel made out of felt.  It is perfect for hanging on a purse or backpack, or attached to your keychain.  I made a bunch, and might even try them on the Christmas Tree in a few months!


So let’s get started:

Step 1 – The Supplies

You can find all of these things at your local craft store:

  • Sheets of felt in your favorite team colors (use can use 2, 3 or 4 different colors)
  • 1 sheet of metallic felt (see the sparkle in the black felt?)
  • Key clasps, split rings (you’ll find these in the jewelry department)


You will also need (not shown):

  • Scissors (a fabric scissors works best, but any really sharp scissors will do)
  • Glue (hot glue works best, but a strong fabric glue will also work)

Step 2 – Cut the felt strips

  • For each tassel, you’ll need 4 strips of 8” x ½” team colors felt and 1 strip of 3” x ½ “ metallic felt
  • I marked my felt and cut in the 8” direction first:


  • Then cut that 8” piece into ½’ strips ( I cut a ½” wide piece of cardboard to use as a guide, so I didn’t have to keep measuring):


  • Repeat for the other colors of felt:


Step 3 – Stack the felt strips

  • Stack 4 of the 8” strips on top of each other – in any order you choose
  • Feed them through the loop of your key clasp, or through the split ring


Step 4 – Fold and Wrap

  • Pull the strips half way through the loop, and fold the stack in half
  • Glue one end of the metallic strip near the top of the tassel, then wrap it all the way around and glue to secure.


  • Trim the ends to even them out. You can cut them straight, or angle them for a different look.



Hang your new tassel on your purse:


or attach it to your key chain:



You can easily create 10 or more tassels from just a few sheets of felt, so make up a bunch for you and your friends!

I made my tassels in Green and Gold (of course).  What colors will you try first?  Comment below and let me know what you think!


Until next week,