Hello fellow sports fans!

It’s been a very exciting week in the sports world, especially for fans of the Cleveland Indians and the Chicago Cubs.  For those of you that don’t follow Major League Baseball, these 2 teams are playing in the World Series that starts tonight!  And it’s been a long time since either team won (Cleveland last won the series in 1945 and the Cubs’ last series win was in 1908), so there is a lot at stake here.

In case that doesn’t interest you, the NBA season opener is also tonight.  And of course football and hockey continue, as does the chase for the NASCAR cup.  There really is no reason you shouldn’t be able to find something exciting to watch this week!

Now on to the fun stuff, where I’m continuing my series of DIY team spirit crafts.  Last week I kicked it off with these easy Team Spirit Tassels made from Felt.

Today’s project is another tassel, but this one is super quick, and requires only embroidery thread and a scissors!  Like any tassel, this one is perfect for hanging on a purse or your keychain.  One (or more) would also look great in school colors and tied onto a backpack!


So let’s get started:

Step 1 – The Supplies

You can find what you need at your local craft store:

  • Skeins of embroidery thread in your favorite team colors.
    NOTE: You will get 2 tassels from each skein of thread.
  • Scissors (any sharp scissors will do, if you already have one at home).

Step 2 – Fold and Cut the thread

  • Leaving the paper wrappers in place, fold 1 skein of thread in half:


  • Cut at the fold, through all layers of thread:


  • Remove the paper wrapping and set one half of the thread aside:

Step 3 – Tie the Threads Together

  • Straighten out the threads and lay them on a flat surface.
  • Remove 2 strands of thread from the stack, and set 1 aside:


  • Put one of the strands under the middle of the stack.
  • Tighten the strand and tie a knot:



Step 4 – Fold and Tie Off

  • Fold the stack in half so all of the loose ends are together.
  • Use the thread strand you set aside to wrap around the tassel about 1 inch from the top, and tie a knot.
  • You can leave the ends long, or trim them:



Step 5 – Trim the ends

  • Use your finger to smooth out all of the threads. It helps to lay the tassel on a flat surface to do this:


  • Trim the ends to even them out:


That’s it!  Your tassel is ready to tie onto your purse or your key chain:



For the more adventurous, here are a few other options:

Option 1

  • Use 2 skeins of thread to create 4 tassels.
  • Switch the strands of thread you use for the ties, to create contrasting colors:



Option 2

  • Use 2 skeins of thread to create 2 thicker tassels.
  • Combine half of each color into a single tassel, then finish the same way:



Option 3

  • Use 2 skeins of thread to create 2 thicker tassels.
  • Combine half of each into a single tassel, but mix them up to make the colors more random.
  • Finish the same way:




Where will you use your team spirit tassels?

Comment below and let me know!


Until next week,



How to make easy team spirit tassels from embroidery thread