Hello fellow sports fans!

How’s the weather where you are?   It’s finally a little colder here in Georgia, and it’s time to pull out my scarves, my favorite cold weather accessories.  I love wearing scarves with my warm jackets, but I also keep one handy in my work area, because my neck always seems to be the first thing to get cold (weird, I know).

Today I’m sharing the first of many scarf projects that can be made in your favorite team colors.  This one is so easy that anyone can make them, with no sewing skills required.   They only take a few minutes to create, and would make great Christmas gifts too!



Are you ready to get started?

Step 1 – The Supplies

Find all of these things at your local craft store or at home:

  • ½ yard of fleece fabric
    • choose your favorite team color (solid or print)
    • fleece is usually 60” wide, so your scarf will be about 60” long
    • you need a 9” wide strip per scarf, so ½ yard is enough for 2 scarves
  • Sharp Scissors (preferably a fabric scissors, but any sharp scissors will work)
  • A ruler



Step 2 – Lay out and mark the fleece

  • Lay the fleece out on a flat surface, keeping it folded in half
    • Smooth out any wrinkles
    • Make sure all of the edges are aligned neatly
  • Use the ruler to make marks 9” in from the edge (perpendicular to the fold)
    • NOTE: You can adjust this if you’d like your scarf to be wider or narrower



Step 3 – Cut the fleece 

  • Use your scissors to cut along the marks you made
    • If you are using a really sharp scissors, you can keep the fleece folded in half, and cut through a double thickness
    • If your scissors isn’t very sharp, I suggest unfolding the fleece, and only cutting through one thickness at a time


Step 4 – Trim the selvage

  • The selvage is the rough edges opposite the fold (see below)
  • You can leave these on your scarf, but I prefer to cut them off
  • You should be able to eye ball the cut, but use a ruler to mark a straight line if you feel more comfortable doing it that way.



Step 5 – Wash and wear

  • That’s all there is to it!
  • If your fleece has some wrinkles in it, you may want to wash it before you wear it.
  • Here are some care instructions for your new fleece scarf:
    • Wash your fleece in cold water on the delicate or hand wash cycle.
    • Avoid bleach or fabric softener.
    • Tumble dry on LOW or simply air dry.
    • Ironing is NOT recommended.

Want to add little extra pizzazz? Try tying a simple overhand knot near each end:



What do you think?  Wouldn’t these be fun and easy gifts for a bunch of people on your shopping list?  And won’t it be wonderful to say “I made it myself” when someone asks you where you got yours?

I’ll be back with more fleece scarf options over the next several weeks, so be sure to follow the blog for more great team spirit crafts and ideas!


Until next week,




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Warm and Cuddly Fleece Scarves are Quick and Easy to Make