Are you still making those boring New Year’s resolutions that involve losing weight, exercising more or eating healthier?  There’s nothing wrong with those, but let’s be honest.  While we all have the best of intentions, most of us will have abandoned our resolutions by the middle of January!

So this year, why not make yourself some promises that you will actually look forward to keeping?  If they involve sports, they have to be good, right?

Here are some ideas to get you started:


1) Find an Amazing Place to Take a Selfie

If you are on Instagram or Facebook, you’ve probably seen loads of beautiful travel photographs involving mountains or ocean views.  But come on, you love sports, so you can do better than that!  How about one of you in front of your favorite football stadium?  Or one in the stands at the hockey rink or basketball arena, or in the bleachers at spring training?  Or with your child after their first soccer match?




2) Learn Something New

Have you always wanted to really understand the game of football, so you can have a more intelligent conversation with your significant other?  Or maybe you’ve always admired the co-workers who play on the company softball team.  Well make 2017 the year you actually do something about it!  Learning new things will give you such a sense of accomplishment, and I’m pretty sure you’ll have some fun along the way.

There is a whole line up of Sports for Dummies books that might be helpful!


3) Try a New Food for the Tailgate or Game Day Party

Most food resolutions involving reducing your fat intake or drinking more green tea.  But why not make 2017 the year you break out of your food rut and broaden your horizons instead? Search for party food on Pinterest, or read one of my prior blog posts that are filled with food ideas from breakfast, to appetizers and dips, to desserts.

Here are a few of my favorites to get you started:

14 Dip Recipes That Will Change Your Life

How to Use Your Crock Pot for an Easy Gameday Party


4) Make Every Day Special

How about shaking up your routine a bit?  Even something simple like finding a new way to wear your favorite team’s colors to work can make life a little more interesting. Or try striking up a conversation with someone you don’t usually talk to at work.  You might be surprised and find out you both have a love of the Pittsburgh Penguins or the Green Bay Packers!

Green and Gold 2

5) Learn Little Known Sports Trivia

Our family enjoys watching college and professional sports.  And we like to add to the fun by trying to stump each other with arcane sports trivia.  It’s easy to say “Hey Google” and find the answer, but our rule is you have to at least take a guess before turning on the smart phone.

Here are a few sources to get you started:


6) Try a Team Spirit Craft, Even if You Have a Fear of DIY

I hate it when I go to a ballgame, and see that I have the exact same team scarf, bracelet, earrings or hat as 50% of the other women there.  If you do too, you might want to try creating some of your own team spirit wear that will be as unique as you are.

Pinterest is a great source, as are some of the blog posts I’ve shared here, like a yarn fringed fleece scarf or team spirit bracelet.  I’ll be adding many more craft ideas in 2017, so be sure to subscribe to the blog, so you don’t miss any!



7) Catch up on old Sports Themed Movies

We all have that list of movies that we just never got around to watching.  So why not work on getting caught up this year?  If you haven’t seen these, add them to your Netflix queue today:  Hoop Dreams, Friday Night Lights, The Bad News Bears, Rudy, Knuckleball, Varsity Blues.

If you’ve already seen most of those, check out this Top 100 list for more ideas.


8) Get in Touch with old Teammates

Did you play sports in your younger years?  Why not reach out to old high school or college team mates that you have lost touch with?  Wouldn’t it be fun to reminisce about the good old days, and maybe start a new friendship?


So that’s the list.  What would you add?

I hope I was able to give you some ideas for New Year’s resolutions you might actually keep this year!  Here’s to a wonderful 2017!!!