Hello sports fans!  Did you catch any of the NFL playoff games this weekend?

I may be a tiny bit biased, but I think the NFC game on Sunday was the most exciting of the 4 games played.  I’m still in overdrive with excitement about my Green Bay Packers beating the #1 seed Dallas Cowboys with a last second field goal!  They will be playing the Atlanta Falcons for the NFC Championship next weekend!  And living in the Atlanta area, you know I can’t resist a little friendly trash talking.

It sure doesn’t feel like football weather here in Georgia, though.  A week ago it was below freezing, but then warmed up to the 60’s over the weekend!   I know the higher temperatures won’t last, and I hope they don’t, because I love the chance to wear cozy sweatshirts, gloves and scarves.

And this week I’m sharing a super easy fleece scarf tutorial, to make in your favorite school or team colors.  I know it’s cold in most parts of the country, and just because the weather is cold doesn’t mean we don’t want to support our favorite team, right?

This scarf does require a little sewing, but don’t let that scare you off.  It’s just one straight line, so if you have a sewing machine (or could borrow one), YOU CAN DO THIS!   Or make 2 scarves and use one to bribe that sewing machine owning friend to help!

But if any kind of sewing is out, don’t forget about the Warm and Cuddly Fleece Scarves, the No Sew Fleece Fringed Scarf and the No Sew Yarn Fringed Fleece Scarf that I shared in recent months.



So let’s get started on this week’s project:

Step 1 – Gather your Supplies

You can purchase supplies at your local craft or fabric store:

  • 6” widths of fleece fabric
    • choose your favorite 2 or 3 team colors (3 make a thicker, fuller scarf, so add white or black or another coordinating color if needed)
    • Or buy ½ yard of each color and make 3 scarves (two to give away and one to keep)
  • Coordinating thread
  • Sharp Scissors (preferably a fabric scissors)
  • A ruler
  • A pen or pencil
  • A sewing machine



Step 2 –Mark and Cut the fleece (if you bought more than 6”)

  • Lay the first color of fleece out on a flat surface, with the fold away from you
    • Smooth out any wrinkles
    • Make sure all of the edges are aligned neatly
  • Use the ruler to make marks 6” in from the edge
  • Use your scissors to cut along the marks you made
    • If you are using a really sharp scissors, you can keep the fleece folded in half, and cut through a double thickness
    • If your scissors isn’t very sharp, I suggest unfolding the fleece, and only cutting through one thickness at a time


 Step 3 – Repeat for 2nd and 3rd colors of fleece




Step 4 – Stack and Sew

  • Stack the 3 pieces of fleece, aligning the long edges and 1 short edge
  • Trim one short edge to remove the selvage edges
  • Starting with the short edge you trimmed, sew a straight line up the middle of the scarf in the lengthwise direction
  • Try to keep the long edges aligned while you are sewing, stopping and adjusting as needed
  • Stop when you get close to the other short edge, and trim to even out the 3 layers
    • You can see that my bottom layer stretched a little while sewing
  • Continue sewing until you reach the short edge
  • Flip the stack over, and sew back over the same line again for extra durability



Step 5 – Cut the Fringes

  • Lay the scarf out on a flat surface
  • Cut notches into the long side of the fleece about every 1/2 inch
    • Make sure to cut through all 3 pieces of fleece
    • Be careful not to cut into the line you just sewed!
    • You can eyeball the ½” – it does not need to be perfect!
  • Repeat on the other long side


Step 6 – Wash and Dry

  • Wash in cold water on the delicate cycle or hand wash
  • Dry on low heat
  • This fluffs up the fleece



Step 7– Wear It!

 Your finished scarf is ready to give away or to wear!



What do you think?  I’m betting that once you give this a try, you’ll be whipping these babies out in batches.

Creating one in your favorite team colors to wear on game day is just one option.  How about teacher gifts in school colors?  Or a game day surprise for all of the Basketball or Hockey moms?  Or even Red, Pink and White for Valentine’s Day?

I hope you are enjoying these team spirit crafts as much as I am!  I’ll be back in future weeks with more.

If you love sports, team spirit wear, and crafts, you’ll want to follow the blog (if you aren’t already), for weekly updates.  And please pass it on to friends that you think might like it as well!

Until next week,


P.S.  Go Pack Go!!!

How to Make a Fleece Spirit Scarf in 15 Minutes