Hello sports fans!

Can you believe it’s time for baseball spring training already?  Pitchers and catchers report first, and before you know it, opening day will be here!

And we basketball fans are starting to count down the days to March, and the NCAA Basketball tournaments.

Woo hoo!!!

Spring is in sight, but it’s still pretty cold in most places, so this week I’m continuing my team spirit craft series with another scarf tutorial that I think you are going to love!

It is very similar to last week’s scarf (check it out here if you missed it), but uses 2 colors of fleece in your favorite colors. The 2 colors create a beautiful braided edge effect, using a really simple technique that you will find easy to complete.



Let’s go!

Step 1 – Gather your Supplies

 You will need the following:

  • Fleece fabric in 2 different colors
  • A sharp scissors (preferably a fabric scissors)
  • A ruler
  • Masking tape
  • A paper clip



Step 2 –Mark and Cut the fleece

  • Lay out the first piece of fleece on a flat surface, with the fold away from you
    • Smooth out any wrinkles
    • Make sure all of the edges are aligned neatly
  • Use the ruler to lay down masking tape 8” in from the edge
    • You can also just make marks with a pen or pencil, if you don’t have masking tape
  • Use your scissors to cut along the masking tape
    • If you are using a really sharp scissors, you can keep the fleece folded in half, and cut through a double thickness
    • If your scissors isn’t very sharp, I suggest unfolding the fleece, and only cutting through one thickness at a time
  • Repeat with second color of fleece


Step 3 – Layer the 2 colors and trim the Selvage edges

  • Unfold both pieces of fleece
  • Lay one on top of the other, aligning the edges
  • Trim both of the short ends of the fleece to remove the selvages



Step 4 – Cut Fringes on both Long Sides (keep both pieces of fleece together)

  • Measure 2” in from the long edge, and lay a piece of masking tape along the 2” mark
  • Repeat on the other long edge4b-oppostie-site
  • Measure and make marks every 1” along the length of both masking tape pieces
  • If you end up with an uneven number of inches, just cut off the extra
  • Cut fringes into the long edges, using the 1” marks as guides, and the masking tape as a stopping point

 Step 5 – Cut Slits into the Fringes

  • Taking one fringe at a time, fold it over slightly5a - fold fringe.jpg
  • Cut a small slit in the middle of the fold
  • Repeat this on all of the remaining fringes
  • If you have a sharp scissors, you can cut through 2 pieces of fringe at once. If your scissors is not very sharp, or you are having trouble, just cut through one at a time


 Step 6 – “Braid” the Edges 

  • Open the paper clip (as shown)
  • Starting at one end of the scarf, push the small end of the paper clip through the slit in the first fringe (top color)
  • Push the paper clip through the slit in the fringe right under it (bottom color), and hook it around the fringe’s edge


  • Gently pull the paper clip and the second fringe back through the first fringe (I used my fingers to pull the second fringe all the way through the first, once I got it started with the paper clip)
  • With the paper clip still in the slit of the second fringe, push it through the slit on the third fringe (top color) and hook it
  • Pull the paper clip and the third fringe back through the second


  • Repeat this process, alternating top and bottom fringes, until you reach the last fringe
  • Cut this last fringe in half


  • Pull half of this last fringe through the last slit
  • Tie the two halves of the last fringe into a knot
  • Repeat the braiding process on the other side of the scarf, starting at the same end you did on the first side, so that the knots are on the same ends
  • Remove the masking tape
  • All done!



What do you think?   I’m thinking that this technique could also be used to create a great blanket, using much bigger pieces of fleece, and “braiding” all of the way around instead of just on two sides.  Hmmmm …. future project at my house?

I hope you are enjoying these team spirit crafts as much as I am!

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Until next week,


Stay Warm in Style with this DIY Fleece Scarf