Hello sports fans!  How is everyone?  Hopefully you are enjoying the warm spell that seems to have taken over most of the country recently.  My daffodils look lovely!

Are there any NASCAR fans out there who are super excited about the Daytona 500 this weekend?  I’m not a huge racing fan, but I did get interested in the sport during the 4 years I lived in Owensboro, Kentucky.  Racing is huge in that area, partly because the Green brothers (David, Mark and Jeff) were from there.

I’ve only ever been to one NASCAR race, and it just happens to have been the Daytona 500!  My husband was awarded a trip for something at work, and it was an experience I really enjoyed.

Now back to your regular scheduled program … DIY Team Spirit crafts!  And I am so excited that today’s craft makes use of my latest obsession … Washi Tape!

If you haven’t discovered this little gem yet, Washi tape is a miniature version of masking tape, sticky but easy to move.  It comes in a wide variety of colors and patterns, making it ideal for endless project possibilities (stay tuned for more)!

So grab a few rolls and give this easy craft project a try.  I think you’ll become obsessed too!


Step 1 – Gather supplies

You will need the following:

  • Used envelopes (white works best) – you can use new ones, but I like to recycle!
  • Washi tape (find it at any craft store or order from Amazon.com)
  • Scissors



Step 2 – Cut the Corners

  • Cut a corner off of the bottom of the envelope, to your desired size
    • You’ll end up with a triangle shaped pocket
    • The 2 short sides of the triangle should be about the same length
    • Repeat on the opposite corner for a second bookmark 


Step 3 – Tape the flap

  • If your envelope has a little flap inside that isn’t completely glued down, it will catch on the page as you slide the bookmark over the corner.
  • To fix this, just apply a little piece of washi tape, and trim it even with the edge of the envelope. 



Step 4 – Cover the bookmark with washi tape

  • Unroll a piece of washi tape that is a little wider than your bookmark
  • Apply the tape to the bookmark
    • I like to start on the long edge first, to get the tape lined up nice and even.


  • Add the next piece of tape, lined up with the first


  • Continue until the bookmark is covered.


  • Cut off the excess tape.
    • Be careful not to cut the envelope open.


  • Flip the bookmark over, and repeat the process


Isn’t is pretty? 




For a little different look, try it this way:

  • Apply the washi tape lined up even up with one of the short edges of the bookmark:



Washi tape comes in so many colors and patterns, so the possibilities are endless!

I made a set in Red and White, because I’m looking forward to watching my Wisconsin Badgers during March Madness.  You could make the bookmarks in your own team colors, or in any colors you choose, like the black and white ones I made here:



Or how about bookmarks in holiday colors?  Wouldn’t pastels be pretty for Easter, or Red White and Blue be classic for the summer patriotic holidays?

My mind is just spinning with the many ways to use Washi tape, so you can be sure that it will appear in many DIY team spirit crafts in the future!

Please take a minute and share this blog with friends who might like these crafts too!


Until next week,


How to make Wonderful Washi Tape Bookmarks