Hello sports fans!  How is everyone?

We are having spring weather here in Georgia, and are enjoying being outside as much as possible.  We southerners know to take advantage of the moderate temperatures, because summer and the really hot weather will be here before we know it!

I’m sharing a super easy DIY project with you today.  I love scarves, and had planned to share a few more fleece scarves with you yet this winter, but the warm weather changed my direction a little bit.

I like to wear scarves all year round, and t-shirt scarves are perfect any time of year.

So dig out some old t-shirts, and let’s get started with a DIY infinity scarf you can make in just 5 minutes!  Honestly, it will probably take longer to find a t-shirt and a scissors than it will to actually make the scarf!


Step 1 – Gather supplies

You will need the following:

  • 1 new or used t-shirt (I used a size XL for this scarf)
    • A t-shirt without side seams works best
    • A t-shirt without a lot of printing also works better
  • Sharp scissors (preferably one made to cut fabric)



Step 2 – Lay out the t-shirt

  • Put the shirt on a flat surface, and smooth it out so it lays flat



Step 3 – Cut between the Armpits

  • Cut straight across the t-shirt, from one arm pit to the other
  • Don’t worry if your cut isn’t perfectly straight … these scarves are VERY forgiving
  • NOTE: Save the top part you just cut off for another project


Step 4 – Cut off the hem

  • Cut straight across the bottom of the t-shirt to remove the hem
  • Again, don’t stress over making a perfectly straight cut
  • Throw the hem piece away


Step 5 – Trim to size (optional)

  • Depending on how wide and full you want your scarf to be, you can trim it down to size
  • Or if there is a lot of printing on the front or back, you may want to cut that part off
  • I wanted a narrower scarf, so I cut mine in half, and will save the other half for another project



Step 6 – The fun part – Stretch it!

  • Loop the sides of the piece of t-shirt around your arms or wrists
  • Pull your arms apart to gently stretch the t-shirt
  • Repeat this motion several times
  • You will see the edges of the t-shirt roll over on themselves (which is why a perfectly straight cut is not important)


Step 7 – Wear it!

You can wear this scarf just like any other infinity scarf:  One long loop, or doubled up:


What a great way to recycle old t-shirts that you no longer wear!  I love the bright cheery color of this t-shirt discarded by one of my sons, because it makes me think of spring and summer.  And it’s made from such lightweight material that it can be comfortably worn during the warmer seasons.

March Madness is coming up, so next I think I’ll do one in red and one in white, to wear while cheering on my Wisconsin Badgers during the tourney.

What color will you try first?   Something in one of your favorite team colors? Or maybe an old tie-dye or printed shirt?

Of course there is no need to limit yourself to just one!  It doesn’t cost a thing, as long as you have unused t-shirts laying around. So go right ahead and experiment a little.  But save a few of those old shirts for future weeks. There are SO many kinds of scarves that can be made from t-shirts, and I’ll be sharing more of them in future blog posts!

Until next week,


How To Make a No Sew Infinity Scarf In Just 5 Minutes