Hey sports fans!  Have you been enjoying the excitement of March Madness?  Or are you all about counting down until baseball opening day?  No matter what sports passion possesses you, I’m sure you are finding something to watch this time of year.  Unless you limit your viewing to Football, in which case you have awhile to wait!

Today I’m continuing my series of DIY crafts that can easily be made using your favorite colors (or sports team colors), for fun and team spirit on game day and every day!  Over the past few weeks we did easy bookmark projects that used washi tape and recycled envelopes, and another that used washi tape and craft paper.  If you’ve tried one of those, I’d love to hear how they turned out, so comment below!

Today’s bookmarks use washi tape and magnets.  Why magnets, you ask?  Because magnets are great way to make sure that your bookmark stays in place, and doesn’t fall out even if you turn your book upside down!

So hurry to your favorite craft store to grab a few supplies, and let’s get going!


Step 1 – Gather supplies

You will need the following:

  • Thin white paper (printer paper is perfect for this project)
  • Washi tape (find it at any craft store or order from Amazon)
  • Adhesive-backed flexible Magnets (thin strips that you can cut with a scissors)
  • Scissors
  • Ruler (optional)

Pic 1 - Supplies


Step 2 – Add Washi Tape

  • Lay a strip of washi tape along one short edge of your paper
  • Flip the paper over
  • Apply a second strip of washi tape on the back side of the first strip
    • You can use the same washi tape, or coordinating color or design
    • Just be sure both tapes are the same width


Step 3 – Trim and cut to size

  • Cut along the long edge of the washi tape
  • Trim the short ends


  • Cut the long strip into several shorter strips, each about 3” long
    • You can eyeball it if you don’t have a ruler!



Step 5 – Add the Magnets

  • Cut a ½” wide pieces of magnet (2 per bookmark)


  • Remove the paper covering the adhesive, and apply to the ends of the bookmark

Pic 6a - apply magnet to marker


  • Fold the bookmark in half , magnets on the inside

Pic 7a - fold marker in half

  • To use, just close the bookmark around a page 

Pic 7b - fold marker around the page


And there you have it!  A pretty bookmark already to mark your place in your favorite book!


 It was feeling like Spring here this week, so I made my bookmark in a fun metallic butterfly print.  Choose your favorite team colors, pretty pastels for Easter, or any colors you love!

Here are a few others for inspiration:



Until next week,



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Make A Simple Bookmark With Washi Tape And Magnets