Hello sports fans!  Are you enjoying the basketball and hockey playoff games?  Moved on to baseball or soccer?  Or maybe you are a true sports junkie and are taking advantage of all of it!

I never get tired of wearing my favorite sports team colors, so I’m back again with another cool scarf / necklace project you can make from old t-shirts.   You know the ones … your favorite team shirt that has a big hole in it, or one that has a stain on it that you can’t get out.  You refuse to throw them away because they bring back memories or were your best lucky shirt!  Here’s a way to save them and wear them again in a new way!

If you made one of the first scarf projects I shared, you probably have enough material left over to do this one (and can jump right to step 9).  If not, just grab a few old t-shirts out of your recycling or donation pile, and lets get started.


Step 1 – Gather supplies

  • 2 new or used t-shirts
    • 100% cotton t-shirts without side seams work best
    • T-shirts without a lot of printing also work better
    • If you need to buy shirts, I found that the children’s XL sizes are MUCH cheaper than the adult sizes, and are perfect for this project!
  • Sharp scissors (made to cut fabric)
  • Beads (optional)



Step 2 – Lay out the first t-shirt

  • Put the shirt on a flat surface, and smooth it out so it lays flat



Step 3 – Cut between the Armpits

  • Cut straight across the t-shirt, from one arm pit to the other
  • Don’t worry if your cut isn’t perfectly straight … these scarves are VERY forgiving
  • NOTE: Save the top part you just cut off for another project like these easy no-sew bracelets or these stretchy wrap bracelets


Step 4 – Cut off the hem

  • Cut straight across the bottom of the t-shirt to remove the hem
  • Again, don’t stress over making a perfectly straight cut
  • Throw the hem piece away


Step 5 – Cut 1” strips

  • Cut the t-shirt material into 1” wide strips
  • No need to measure – just make all of the strips roughly the same size


Step 6 – Repeat steps 2-5 with the other t-shirt


Step 7 – The fun part – Stretch it to create t-shirt “yarn”

  • Taking one strip of t-shirt at a time, loop the sides of the t-shirt around your arms or wrists
  • Pull your arms apart to gently stretch the t-shirt
  • Rotate the loop and repeat this motion several times
  • You will see the edges of the t-shirt roll over on themselves (which is why a perfectly straight cut is not important) – we call this end product the “yarn”
  • Repeat this step with all of the t-shirt pieces you cut



Step 8 – Separate the yarn into 2 piles

  • Split the yarn into 2 piles – split half and half, or in any proportion you like
  • Set aside 1 pile for another scarf project



 Step 9 – Cut the loops in half

  • Gather up all of the t-shirt yarn from 1 pile
  • Cut through the loop on one end to create long pieces of t-shirt yarn


Step 10 – Design your scarf necklace

You can lay out the layers and adjust the distance between them any way you choose.  I did the following:

  • 1 red and 1 white
  • 1 white with 1 bead strung on it
  • 1 red with 2 beads strung on it
  • 1 red and 1 white twisted together
  • 1 white with 3 beads
  • 1 red with 3 beads
  • 1 white
  • 1 red


Step 11 – Finishing

Once you are satisfied with how your scarf necklace looks, finish off the ends:

  • Cross the loose ends over each other (keeping in mind that the shortest loop will need to fit over your head):


  • Take one piece of the t-shirt yarn and tie a tight knot around all of the loose ends:


  • Trim the ends (but DON’T trim the piece you used to tie the knot):


  • Using the piece of yarn with the knot, begin wrapping it around the scarf to cover all of the loose ends
  • Tie another knot, using the long piece you wrapped around and the short end
  • Tuck these short ends under some the yarn that is wrapped around (trim shorter if desired)


And there you have it (you can move the beads if you need to get them centered again):



A little more complicated than the last one I shared, but I hope you are willing to give it a try!  Please come back and comment if you made one for yourself.

If you like this scarf necklace, and are looking for more ways to make them in your favorite colors for sports or every day wear, stay tuned for future blog posts, because I have a few more ideas up my sleeve.

Until next week,


P.S. How about some matching bracelets?  Check out these easy no-sew bracelets or stretchy wrap bracelets you can make from the t-shirt sleeves!

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