If you’ve been reading the blog or following Team Colors By Carrie on social media, you already know how much I LOVE quotes.  Many of you would agree that words can be very inspiring, so today I’m taking a break from team spirit crafts and DIYs, and sharing some of my favorite sports quotes of all time.

But first I have to make a little confession.  I know the title says top 25, but that’s a little misleading, and I’ll let you in on a secret.  I couldn’t pick just 25! So I’m actually going to share my top 50, starting with 25 today and coming back next week with the remaining 25.  I hope you don’t mind!

Here are the first 25, in random order:

Ross PerotTommy LasordaAlcurtis TurnerDon ZimmerDale Earnhardt SrBart StarrLarry BirdPat RileyPaul Bear Bryant 9 - ALLPaul Bear BryantSugar Ray RobinsonWayne Gretzky 2Tony Dorsett 2Picabo StreetScott JurekLou Holtz 2Frank L. GainesJerry RiceLou HoltzBobby Bowden 2Todd Blackledge - ALLWalter Payton - ALLVince Lombardi 20Vince Lombardi 17Vince Lombardi 19 - ALL


That’s today’s 25!  Do you have a favorite so far?  Or maybe a favorite that I haven’t shared yet?  Comment below and let me know!

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P.S. I started working on the next craft project, and here’s a little sneak peek.

Stay tuned!

Sneak peek for 4-25-2017 blog

25 of the BEST Sports Quotes