I don’t know about you, but I am getting excited about the upcoming Memorial Day weekend.  It’s the official start of the summer season, and time to starting wearing your favorite Red, White and Blue styles.

Today I’m sharing a DIY that will create the perfect accessory for all of those summer patriotic holidays, and maybe a festival or two.  You’ll want to wear them for Memorial Day, Flag Day, and Independence Day!

The holiday is coming soon, so let’s get right to it!

Step 1 – Gather supplies

  • Canvas sneakers (check the dollar store for some inexpensive ones)
  • Red and Blue magic markers (I used the Sharpie markers with brush stroke tips)
  • Star stickers (I used small ones, but large ones would make this project go faster!)
  • Masking tape

1 - Supplies

Step 2 – Prepare the Shoes

  • Remove the shoelaces
    2a - remove laces
  • Tape off the soles of the shoes (so you don’t get marker on them)
    2b - tape off soles
  • Tape off the front section where you want the Blue star field to be
  • Use a seam if your shoes have one, otherwise just tape a straight line.
    2c - tape off front
  • Repeat with the other shoe
    2d - repeat

Step 3 – Create the Stars

  • Apply the star stickers to the shoes, applying firmly
  • I chose a random pattern, but you could do straight lines if you like
  • Outline each star with the blue marker
  • Fill in the areas between the stars
  • Let dry (just a few minutes)
  • Remove all of the stickers and the masking tape (leave the tape on the soles)
  • Repeat with the other shoe
    3i - repeat with other shoe

Step 4 – Create the Stripes

  • Lay down masking tape in straight lines
  • I chose horizontal lines, but you could go vertical or at any angle if you prefer
    4a - tape white stripes
  • Use the red marker to draw the red stripes
  • I didn’t mask off the seams this time, so I was careful when drawing on the edges
  • Repeat with the other shoe
    4g - repeat with other shoe
  • Let dry
  • Remove all of the masking tape
    4h - remove all masking tape

Step 5 – Wear!

  • Put the shoelaces back in the shoes
    • You could purchase some silver or gold shoelaces to add even more style!
  • Slip them on, and you are ready to go!
    5 - insert shoelaces

Won’t they look cute at your Memorial Day picnic and 4th of July parade?

Let me know what you think about this project (comment below), because I’m already thinking about the many possible ways to use this technique for team spirit shoes in our favorite sports team colors.

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Until next week,


How to make your own American Flag Shoes using Markers