Hello fellow sports fanatics!

It’s hard to believe it’s June already.  And sometimes it doesn’t feel like summer, when we are still watching hockey and basketball finals.  Are you pulling for the Pittsburgh Penguins or the Nashville Predators in the NHL Stanley Cup Finals?  How about the Golden State Warriors or the Cleveland Cavaliers in the NBA finals?

I’m sure you softball fans have been watching the Women’s College World Series, and are excited to see Florida and Oklahoma battle it out in the championship series this week.  And for you men’s college baseball fans, Regionals are underway to determine who moves on to the Super Regionals, and then to the College World Series that starts June 17th.

So many choices!  I love the world of sports.

Today, I’m back to my series of team spirit craft projects.  I am obsessed with tassels right now, and even though I shared instructions for easy Team Spirit Tassels last fall, I wanted to share another tassel project.

This week it’s for these adorable MINI tassels!  And all you need to make these is embroidery thread, a scissors and a fork!  Yes, you read that right.  A fork!

So let’s get started:


Step 1 – Gather the Supplies

 You can find all of these things at your local craft store or your kitchen:

  • Skeins of Embroidery thread in your favorite team colors
    NOTE: You will get multiple tassels from 1 skein
  • Scissors (any sharp scissors will do)
  • A fork

1 - Supplies


Step 2 – Wrap Thread around the Fork

  • Remove the paper that is wrapped around the thread, and unwind a few feet
  • Cut two 6” pieces of thread and set aside
  • Place the end of the thread (still on the skein) on the fork
  • Holding that end in place, wind the thread around the fork
  • Continue winding until you reach the fullness you want for your tassel
    • See examples for 5, 10, 15 and 20 wraps2f - examples of wind count
  • Cut the thread, still holding the wrapped threads in place



Step 3 –Tie and Cut off fork

  • Take a 6” piece of thread, and push it under 1 layer of the wrapped threads, in the middle of the fork
    • I find this easier if I wet and flatten one end in my mouth
  • Pull the ends even
  • Tie a knot to secure the wrapped thread
  • Flip the fork over
  • Cut through 1 layer of the wrapped threads, opposite where you just tied the tassel
    • Don’t worry if the thread pops off the fork while you are tying the knot
    • Just cut the loop of threads opposite the tie


Step 4 –Create the tassel head

  • Remove the tassel from the fork
  • Fold the tassel in half, and smooth down the threads
  • Take the other 6” piece of thread and wrap it around the tassel
  • Tie a knot about ¼” from the top



Step 5 – Trim the ends

  • Use your finger to smooth out all of the threads.
    • It helps to lay the tassel on a flat surface to do this.
    • Don’t include the threads at the very top of the tassel … you need to leave these long to use them to attach your tassel to your purse or bag
  • Trim the ends of the tassel to even them out.

    5c - finished


That’s it!  Hang the tassels on your purse, attach them to your key chain, or use as package tie-ons!



I’m making tassels in Red, White and Blue to surprise some friends with new key chains before the 4th of July.  And I need to create a bunch in Green and Gold for wrapping gifts for all of my family and friends who are Green Bay Packer fans.

What colors will you make?  Where will you use your team spirit tassels?

Comment below and let me know!


Until next week,