Hello everyone!  I hope your are enjoying your July 4th holiday, and that you got to do something you love over the 4 day weekend.

I got to spend Saturday and Sunday with my running family, doing an annual event that I complain about, but go back to every year!  Merrill’s Mile is a timed event on a paved 1-mile track, with little to no shade from mid-morning to late afternoon (the part I complain about).  But many of my trail running friends are there, and because it’s a mile loop, you get to see everyone over and over again (the part that keeps bringing me back). This year, I participated in the 48 hour event, completed 108 miles, and finished in 2nd place for the women.  Here’s a quick look:

Merrills Mile 2017 (14)
Got that buckle
Merrills Mile 2017 (16)
Talking over run / walk interval plans for the Yeti 100 coming up in September
Merrills Mile 2017 - Hundo Buckle
Got that buckle
Merrills Mile 2017 - Top Females in the 48 Hour
Women’s 48 hour Winners!

Yesterday was for driving home, unpacking the car, and doing all of the smelly laundry (I changed clothes twice while I was there), before crashing on the sofa for an afternoon of Netflix (I’m binge watching Scandal right now).

Here’s a little bonus for you, my faithful readers.  Another free printable to go with the America the Beautiful one I shared last week!

July 4th Blog Printable (2)


Download it here: