Hello fellow sports fans!

If you’ve been following the blog, you probably realize just how crazy I am over tassels (check out the instructions to make these amazing mini tassels, if you missed it the first time).

But did you know I also love pompoms?

I was looking for an easy way to dress up my journal, and of course I thought of pompoms.  There are so many ways to use these little cuties, but don’t they look great as page markers in a book or planner?

Finished Pic


Are you ready to make some for yourself?  Let’s go!

Step 1 – Gather the Supplies

Here’s what you need:

  • Yarn in your favorite color(s)
  • Sharp scissors
  • A fork
  • Paper clips (optional)



Step 2 – Wrap Yarn around the Fork

  • Remove the paper wrapper from the yarn
  • Cut a 12”piece of yarn and set aside
  • Place the end of the yarn on the fork
  • Holding that end in place, wind the yarn around the fork
  • Continue winding until you reach the fullness you want for your pom pom
    • See bottom picture for comparison
    • Blue was wrapped 20 times, red 30 times, and yellow 40 times
  • Cut the yarn, still holding the wrapped yarn in place




Step 3 –Tie and remove from fork

  • Take the 12” piece of yarn and push it through the middle tines of the fork
  • Pull the other up and around the end of the fork
  • Tie a tight knot to secure the wrapped yarn
  • Remove the pom pom from the fork


 Step 4 – Cut the loops

  • Cut through all of the looped ends of the yarn
  • You may need to do this in sections, depending on how full your pom pom is


 Step 5 – Fluff and trim the ends

  • Fluff the ends by gently squeezing and rolling the ball between your hands
  • Hold the long ends of the yarn you tied around the pom pom, so you don’t cut them
  • Cutting through a few pieces of yarn at a time, trim the ends to even them out.
  • You can stop here if you like, and use those pompoms any way you choose. Hang them on your purse, attach them to your key chain, or use as package tie-ons!


Step 6 – Attach pompoms to paper clips (optional)

  • Using the long ends of the yarn, tie the pom pom to one end of a paperclip.
  • Trim the long ends even with the pom pom
  • Attach the paper clip to a page in your planner, journal or favorite book!



I made my pompoms in blue, red and yellow, because I was looking for something bright and cheery.  You could make them in your favorite colors, your sports team colors, or in colors to match your planner or journal!

What colors will you make?  Where will you use your new pompoms?

Comment below and let me know!


Until next week,