Hello fellow sports fans!

Have you started your Christmas shopping yet? If you are like me, Christmas is not something I want to be thinking about in the middle of the summer. But for those of you who like to get a jump on the holiday madness, I’m offering Christmas in July Daily Specials on team spirit jewelry and accessories in my shop, with new specials every day through the end of the month.  The rest of you will just need to forgive me for even bringing it up!

So if it’s not Christmas in July that I get excited about, what is my favorite part about it being July?  August is just around the corner, which means the kids go back to school, and football will be here before we know it! Now that is something I can get excited about!

Today I’m sharing another team spirit craft, for an easy way to add your favorite team colors to everyday objects like your key ring.  Did you try last week’s DIY on creating tiny pompoms from yarn?

This week, we are making another pompom that has a very different texture from one made with yarn.  This one is more furry than fuzzy, and has the added bonus of containing 3 colors all in the same pompom.  And it’s easier to make, because it doesn’t require winding your thread over and over and over again.

All you need is some embroidery thread and a scissors.  Are you ready to get started?


Step 1 – Gather the Supplies

• 3 skeins of embroidery floss in your favorite team colors
• Sharp scissors

1 - supplies


Step 2 –Prep the floss

• Remove the paper wrappers from the floss
• Cut a 18”piece of floss from one of the skeins, and set it aside


Step 3 –Fold the Floss

• Lay the 3 skeins out on a flat surface, adjacent and parallel to each other
• Pick up one side of the floss, and fold over about 1/3 the length of the skeins
• Pick up the other ends, and fold over the remaining 1/3 length to create a bundle


Step 4 – Tie the floss together

• Slide the reserved 18” piece of floss under the bundle, keeping the floss folded in place
• Create a half knot and pull tight

• Flip the bundle over
• Create a half knot and pull tight
• Complete the knot


Step 5 – Cut the Loops

• Use the scissors to cut through the loops of the floss on one side of the bundle
• Turn the bundle around, and cut through the loops on the other side.


Step 6 –Fluff

• Press in on the sides of the pom pom to fluff the threads
• Roll the pom pom between your hands to fluff the threads even more


Step 7 –Trim

  • Trim the floss to even out the ends
    • Make sure you don’t cut through the long piece you used to knot around the floss, as this will be used to attach the pompom later
  • Go slowly, rotating the pompom and trimming just a little bit at a time
    • You can always trim more, but you can’t put it back if you cut off too much
  • Continue rotating and trimming until you are satisfied with your pompom!


Step 8 – Attach pompom (optional)

• Use the long pieces of floss to attach your pompom to anything you like (a key chain, a backpack, your pen or your shoelaces!)
• I tied mine to a clip that I had laying around, so I could easily clip the pompom to my purse or key chain.


I made my pompom in navy blue, gold and white (Go Brewers)!

What colors will you make yours in? Where will you use your new pompoms?

Comment below and let me know!

Until next week,