They say you shouldn’t mix business with pleasure, and I’ve come to realize that definitely applies to some areas of Team Colors By Carrie.

I have a Facebook Page dedicated to my business, but I also like to share other things that I think my customers might enjoy, like sports quotes, game day food ideas and team spirit crafts and DIYs.  But I’ve come to the conclusion that new visitors to the page might not even realize they are visiting a business page, and even if they do, they probably can’t figure out what Team Colors By Carrie is all about!

To clear up any confusion, the Team Colors By Carrie page is now strictly business, featuring the products I make, but also including behind the scenes snapshots, sneak peeks at new products, and sales and promotional announcements.Facebook Cover - August (1)

A new group called Celebrating Sports is all about having fun!  You’ll find new and exciting ways to celebrate your favorite team and to take your game day experience to the next level.  I’ll also be sharing some of the sports quotes, food ideas and crafts that used to show up on the business page.

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To get us started, I am using a daily theme, so everyone knows what to expect and when:

Motivation Monday is the day to share motivational quotes to get the work week started.

Daily Post Headers

Team Spirit Tuesday is the day we share craft and DIY projects to add a little more team spirit to our days, and help us celebrate the team that has our heart.

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Wishful Wednesday is time to dream a little.  Your wish can be big or small, serious or just for fun.  Last week I wished that it was already football season!

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Thirsty Thursday is when we share our favorite game day drinks (with or without alcohol). Cheers!

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Foodie Friday is all about sharing ideas for game day snacks, because we all know that you need something tasty to munch on while watching your favorite sports team.

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Sweet Saturday means we get to not only enjoy the sweet pleasures of the weekend, we also get to share our favorite sweets and treats recipes. Because every good tailgate or game day party needs something wonderful for dessert, right?

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Selfie Sunday is for those who dare to share a selfie of yourself enjoying the weekend, taking in a ball game, or whatever else you choose!  I am not very good at taking selfies, so it is also a great excuse for me to practice more!

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I hope that sounds like fun to you, and that you hop on over to Celebrate Sports and join right now!  There is a request and approval process, just so I can keep out the pesky spammers, but if you look like a real person, I’ll let you right in!

Come join the fun, and invite your friends too!


Until next week,