Hey, sports fans!

Is it still cold where you live? This week’s post is just the thing to help you stay warm, and wear one of your favorite team colors at the same time.

Not only is this hat quick and easy to make, but it is absolutely adorable too! You can’t beat the look of the knots all up the back of it, and a cute pom-pom on top!

And the very best part? No sewing involved.



Are you ready?


Step 1 – Gather the Supplies

Here’s what you need:

  • ½ yard of fleece fabric
  • Sharp scissors (I recommend a fabric scissors)
  • Measuring tape or ruler (optional)
  • Masking tape





Step 2 – Measure and Cut the Fleece


  • Determine the length needed:
    • Measure the circumference of your head
    • Add 6 inches, to get the required length.
  • Determine the width needed:
    • Choose 14” for a child sized hat or 16” for adults
  • Cut a piece of fleece in the length and width determined above.
    • I measured my head at 21.5 inches, and I’m fairly petite, so my piece of fleece was cut to 14″ x 27.5″.



Step 3 – Fold the Fleece and Cut the Fringes

  • Fold the fleece in half so the height is 14″ (or 16″) and the fold is on the left.
  • Measure 3” in from the right side and mark with masking tape
  • Measure 3” in from the top and mark with masking tape
  • Cut out the 3” square where the 2 pieces of masking tape cross, then remove the masking tape from this corner
  • Cut fringe up the side of the hat, every ½”, using the masking tape as the stopping point
    • No need to measure – eyeballing the ½” is close enough!
  • Cut fringe every 1/2″ across the top, using the masking tape as the stopping point




Step 4 – Knot the fringes

  • On the right side, tie each pair of fringes together (top layer to bottom layer).
    • Tie twice so it’s in a firm knot.
  • Work your way up the side of the hat.
  • Remove the rest of the masking tape


Step 5 – Create the Pom Pom on Top

  • Gather all of the top fringe in one hand, leaving out the pair on the far right
  • Use that far-right pair to tie a knot around the fringe you just gathered.



Step 6 – Cuff it up!

  • Fold the bottom of the hat up twice to make a cuff.



That’s it!  Your new hat is ready to wear!



And if your hat is feeling a little lonely, never fear.  Just stay tuned for next week’s post for a no sew fleece infinity scarf to wear with your new hat!



Until next week,



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