Hello fellow sports fans!

Have you been watching the Olympics? I can’t seem to get enough of the downhill skiing, the speed skating and the snowboarding.  And for some reason I can’t explain, I think I’m starting to get addicted to curling!  What’s your favorite winter sport (comment below)?

And in the category of something I never thought would happen, I think I’m going to get hooked on NASCAR this year.  I got talked into a season long pool (kind of like fantasy football), and couldn’t stay away from the Daytona 500 on Sunday.  Are any of you racing fans?  Comment below so we can connect!

Now on to this week’s topic …



Today I’m kicking off a new team spirit craft series, to help you create wall art in all of your favorite team colors!  This new series will complement the DIY sports art series I did a few months ago, so be sure to check that out if you missed it (click the links to see directions for football, baseball, basketball, soccer, volleyball and hockey art).

Gather some supplies, and let’s get painting!


Step 1 – Collect the Supplies

Here’s what you need:

  • Stretched canvas in the size of your choice (get the ones that are primed with gesso)
  • Acrylic paints in your team colors (3 or more colors is best)
  • Medium paint brush – I used 1-1/2” wide
  • A straw (paper or plastic is fine)
  • A cup (paper or plastic is recommended)
  • Newspapers (to protect your work area)



 Step 2 –Preparation

  • Lay some sheets of newspaper on your work area
  • Place a canvas on the newspaper



Step 3 – Paint the base

  • Choose the background color for your art
  • Shake your paint well before starting
  • Paint the edges first
    • Squirt a little paint on the side of the canvas
    • Use the brush to spread the paint
    • Repeat on a second side
    • Let dry (read the directions on the paint for dry time).


  • Paint remaining 2 sides
  • Lay the canvas flat on the newspaper
  • Squirt more paint on the front of the canvas
  • Use the large brush to spread the paint
    • Add more paint if needed to cover the canvas
  • Let dry
  • Wash your brush (acrylic paint washes up with soap and water, but read your directions).
  • Add a second coat of paint if desired, and let dry thoroughly



Step 4 – Paint the second color

  • Choose the middle color for your art
  • Shake that paint well before starting
  • Squirt some paint in the middle on the canvas
  • Use the brush to paint lines out from the center
    • Make straight or curvy lines, or both
    • Make some of the lines go over the sides, if desired
  • Continue until you are satisfied with amount of color, adding more paint as needed
  • Let dry thoroughly



Step 5 – Add the 3rd color

  • Shake your remaining paint color
  • Put some paint in a cup with a little water to thin it out
    • I used 4 parts paint to 1 part water
    • Stir the paint and water with the straw until well blended20180219_121726
  • With one end of the straw in the paint, put your thumb over the other end of the straw
  • Holding your thumb in place, lift the straw and position over the painted canvas
  • Let go with your thumb to release the paint
    • If you hold the straw still, you will get a round shape
    • If you shake the straw a little as you release the paint, you’ll get lines
  • Continue until you are satisfied with amount of color, adding more paint as needed
  • Let dry thoroughly
    • Dry time will depend on how big your paint “blobs” are, and how thick the paint is



OPTIONAL Step 6 – Add the 4th color or repeat the background color

  • Shake your remaining paint color, then put in a cup and add water
  • Use the straw to lift the paint, and release it onto the canvas
  • Continue until you are satisfied with amount of color, adding more paint as needed
  • Let dry thoroughly



How cool is that! Your work of art is ready to hang on the wall!


I have several paint techniques and wall art ideas to share with you over the next month, so be sure you are following the blog and don’t miss out!


Until next week ,


P.S. My husband said this one makes him think of pizza … red sauce, black toppings and white cheese 🙂  Do you agree?

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