Hello fellow sports fans!

First things first. Congrats to the Boston Red Sox on winning the 2018 World Series! And to the LA Dodgers on one heck of a season!

Now that baseball season is behind us, it’s time to turn our attention to the Major League Soccer playoffs that start this week. I’ll be cheering for the local team, the Atlanta United. Do you have a team in the playoffs?

Whatever your favorite sport and team, I’ve got another project that works in any sports team colors, or in any other colors of your choice! This one is a handy desk accessory that will bring a little team spirit to the work place.

I’ve already shared several projects that are made using clothespins, like this door wreath and scarf holder, and loved them so much that I wanted to do even more DIY crafts using them.  And there are even more to come, so be sure to subscribe to the blog, so you don’t miss them!


Step 1 – Collect the Supplies

 Here’s what you need:

  • Clothespins (about 20)
  • Spray paint
  • A short can, like a tuna can (emptied and clean)


Step 2 – Paint the Clothespins (do this outside)

  • Take your clothespin outside and spray them with paint
    • Make sure you get both sides, and the edges
    • It may take more than 1 coat (I sprayed mine twice)
    • You can paint them all one color, or in 2 colors
  • HINT: Attach the clothespins to a cardboard box, standing them upright
  • Let dry overnight
  • NOTE: I painted enough for several projects all at once. You won’t need as many as pictured.


Step 3 – Paint the Can

  • Take the can outside, and turn it upside down
  • Spray paint the bottom and sides of the can
  • Let dry
  • OPTIONAL – turn it right side up and spray the inside


Step 4 – Make the Holder

  • Attach the clothespin to the can
    • Push them down as far as they will go
    • Create any pattern you like


There you go!  How fun is that!


You could also use this holder for a small candle, some flowers or to corral small items that end up on your desk!

Comment below if you decide to make one!

Until next week,





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How to Make a Pencil Holder Out of Clothespins and a Tin Can