Hello again sports fans!

Here’s hoping that Spring weather has finally made it to your part of the country, and that unlike me, you picked at least one of the college basketball teams that made it to the Final Four! There have been some really exciting games, but talk about some bracket busters!

But on to today’s topic: DIY beaded bobby pins! They are perfect for a fancy look, or to dress up your messy bun!

Messy bun with DIY beaded bobby pins

Want to make your own? Gather up some supplies, and let’s start started!

Step 1 – Collect the Supplies

Here’s what you need:

  • Bobby pins (I used black and copper)
  • Beads in colors and sizes of your choice (I used 6mm round beads in red and royal)
  • Flexible jewelry wire (to match or contrast with your bobby pins)
  • Jewelry cutter
  • Jewelry pliers

Step 2 – Cut wire and attach to bead

Cut a 6” piece of jewelry wire.

Thread it through a bead (centering the bead in the middle of the wire).

Press down the sides of the wire on both sides of the bead to keep it in place.

Step 3 – Attach bead to the bobby pin

Slide one end of the wire through the bobby pin.

Slide the other end of the wire through the bobby pin from the opposite side.

Pull on both ends of the wire to snug the bead up against the head of the bobby pin .

Step 4 – Wrap the wire

Hold one end of the wire flat against the bobby pin.

Use the jewelry pliers (or your fingers) to wind the other end around the head of the bobby pin and the wire coming out of the bead’s hole.

Trim as close as you can, and use the pliers to tuck in the end.

Repeat with the other end of wire

NOTE: wrap carefully for a neater look, or wrap quickly for a messy look (like mine)

Step 5 – Alternate look

Try using different shaped beads, like the black bicones, for a totally different look!

Wasn’t that fun?  You can whip up a batch to match your favorite team colors or your favorite Spring outfit!

Until next week,


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