As sports fans, we are used to celebrating the big wins, and dealing with the ones that got away. But sometimes, we take our teams so seriously, and a loss is so painful, that we aren’t sure how to get past it and move on.

I experienced it this weekend, when my #6 ranked Wisconsin Badgers got embarrassed by the unranked Illinois Fighting Illini, in what many announcers were calling the upset of the season! They are now ranked #13, and their slim hopes of making the college football playoffs have all but evaporated.

I know it’s “just a game” and I shouldn’t take it so hard. My Green Bay Packers played their best game of the season on Sunday, and that certainly helped, but I’m still moping around a couple of days later, and decided I needed to take action!

So I’ve put together a list of things to do when your favorite team suffers a heart-breaking loss.

1) Reach out to other fans – Talk to a friend or family member who is also a fan. Or join a social media group where you can discuss the loss and talk about your shared disappointment. It’s okay to vent a little, and it’s always better to suffer with company!

2) Step away from the TV – don’t watch the “highlights” reel over and over, or listen to the sports announcers rehash everything that went wrong. Watch a movie, cook dinner or read a good book instead!

3) Reach for comfort food – Don’t get too crazy, but your favorite macaroni and cheese may remind you of happy times from your childhood, and preparing it will take your mind off the loss.

4) Get some exercise – A little physical activity is a great way to work off your frustrations and change your perspective.

5) Sleep on it – things are always better after a good night’s sleep!

6) Remember there is always another day – look forward to the game next week, or to a whole new season next year!

The next big win might be just a week away!

How do you deal with your team’s losses? I’d love to hear from your!

Until next week,


How to cope with the agony of defeat!
Even the best teams lose once in awhile, and we all need to learn to deal with those losses.

Here are spome tips on how to move past yur favorite team's devastating loss!