I’m back with another easy ornament you can make to add some extra sparkle to your tree.  And this time it’s something you can make in your favorite colors.  In my case, I am making them in my favorite team colors.  After all, only green and gold are appropriate on a Green Bay Packer tree.  I’m proud to show my team spirit!

But you can choose your own favorites!  Gold and Silver would be gorgeous, as would traditional Green and Red.  But for the more daring, there’s no reason that Bright Blue and Black couldn’t be on your tree if you a Carolina fan, or Blue and Orange if you cheer on Chicago or Denver.  It’s your tree, so make it your own.

I’ve created a video for those that prefer to watch and listen, but here are the written instructions, for easy reference.

  1. For supplies, you need metallic twist ties in your choice of colors. I got my online, but you can find them in the cake decorating and candy making sections of most craft stores.  They are used to tie cellophane bags shut, so look with cookie and candy packaging.
  2. Count out about 10 of each color (or 20 of 1 color if you want your ornament to be all one color):
  3. Set aside 1 twist tie, and mix the 2 piles together, so the 2 colors are random:
  4. Gather up the pile of twist ties, so that the ends are lined up and you have a relatively neat bundle:
  5. Take the twist tie you set aside, and put it under the middle of the bundle:
  6. Twist that tie a few times, to secure the bundle of twist ties together:
  7. Taking 1 twist tie at a time, start bending them down at random angles:
  8. When you are down with one side, flip the ornament over, and do the same on the other side:
  9. That’s all there is to it! Now you just need to find the bare spots on your tree, and set the ornaments in place.  You don’t even need an ornament hanger!


I hope you enjoy all of the extra sparkle on your tree!  And I really hope some of you add your favorite team colors to the tree.  Let me know what you’ve tried!

Oh, and I almost forget the video.  Here you go: