Hello sports fans!

There is so much going in the world of sports right now! What have you been watching? Baseball, soccer, NHL playoffs or NBA playoffs?

And speaking of baseball, did you try the Washer Baseball Necklace that I showed you last week? If not, you can find it HERE.

Today I’ve got a bracelet to go with that necklace! It’s another simple DIY that you can make for yourself, for all the moms on the baseball team, or to sell as fundraisers. And best of all, the bracelets are adjustable in size!

Step 1 – Collect the Supplies

Here’s what you need:

  • Washers (small holes work best, so you can see the design)
  • White spray paint
  • Red permanent marker (I like the Ultra Fine Point Sharpie)
  • 3’ of flexible cord (I used black satin, but something stiffer, like leather, would work better)
  • Scissors
  • Ruler

Step 2 – Clean and Paint the Washer (s)

  • Clean the washer with soap and water, then let dry
  • Shake the spray paint well, then spray the washer (do this outside, or in a well ventilated area)
  • Let dry
  • Flip the washer over, and spray the other side
  • Let dry

Step 3 – Draw on stitches

  • Use the red marker to draw the “stitches”
  • You can use the edge of another washer as a template for the curve
  • Add as many stiches as desired (I did 8 or 9 per side)

Step 4 – Attach cords to washer

  • Cut a piece of cord about 36” long
  • Cut the cord in half
  • Take one of the pieces of cord and fold it in half
  • Insert the folded end through the hole in the washer, from the back side
  • Insert the loose ends of the cord through the loop created by the folded end of the cord
  • Pull the ends all of the way through this loop, until the loop is snug against the washer
  • OPTIONAL – add a drop of glue to hold the loop snug
  • Tie a knot near the loose ends of the cord, to help hold them in place
  • Repeat with the other cord, on the opposite side of the washer

Step 5 – Create the sliding knots

  • Wrap the left cord over the right cord
  • Hold the overlapped cords in your left hand
  • Thread the left cord around and under so that it is coming back towards you
  • Thread the cord back over to create a loop
  • Repeat this process to create a second loop to the left of the first
  • Thread the end of the cord through the loops
  • Pull the cord so the loops close tight
  • Repeat this process with the other side of the cord
  • Cut the excess cord close to the knots

P.S. I know my pictures are hard to see, since my cord is a double thickness, so if you need a better visual, check out this post:

How to make a Sliding Knot

Slide your bracelet on, and use your thumb to move the knot, and tighten the bracelet to the desired size!

Aren’t these bracelets fun?  You can quickly whip up a batch for all your fellow baseball moms!

Until next week,


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